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About Us

Welcome to Teyvat Factory! 

The All in One stop for the Travelers searching for Awesome Genshin Products at a reasonable price. Explore the biggest Genshin Store and dive into the vast sea of exceptional Genshin Merchandise, Coming 'Straight Outta Teyvat'.

The Company

Teyvat Factory is a Quality Genshin Niche store developed, designed & owned by Zenixha Co.
With over 20 employees, Zenixha Co. runs various niche stores and aims to provide the quality of service that everyone deserves. Teyvat Factory ranks the 2nd most successful store launched by Zenixha since the company came into action.

Who are We?

We aim to provide services and high quality products all at one place, as it has been pretty hard for fellow travelers to find the exact product they desire. Browsing hundreds of different stores everyday and coming back to zero with a little disappointment. Yes, us as players, we have been there too. But, with a lot of hard work, dedication and loads of love from the community, the dream actually is now a reality!

How did it happen?

Started with a team of 7 brilliant people, brainstorming everyday with motivation from the Characters of Genshin Impact and a whole lot of patience is the reason we have expanded to a lot more than before, and now,
Teyvat Factory is One of the Biggest and the most Trusted Genshin Stores out there.
We sincerely Welcome you to the Teyvat Family!



 Teyvat Factory by Zenixha Co.

PMB 3349
201 E Center St Ste 112
Anaheim, California, 92805

Mon-Fri [9am to 4pm]