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✅ Tips on How to Spot Fraud Genshin Stores

- By Team Teyvat Factory

We have received reports regarding some other Genshin stores out there trying to steal data and money from the customers, who get caught in this so called "scheme" of the store.

Here are a few points to spot the scammers out and stay away from them 👇

🎁The "Free" products Scam

Scammers offer good looking products for FREE but charge a small Shipping Rate or Tax at the end of the checkout. Customers fall for it and the actual product never gets delivered to them. This scam has been known for generations and unfortunately, people still fall for it.

🏮 High Quality Images but Low Quality Product

By stealing higher quality images from other legit sites, these fraud stores show a pretty looking layout but the products received by the customer are cheap and low quality. Keep an eye out for 'Legit' reviews of products.

🎀 No description, No information

It gets pretty obvious if the product you are looking forward to buy has no information at all, or the details are written unprofessionally. That's a red flag right there. If the basic info of the product isn't available or the words looks something out of a chat box, simply walk away.

👨‍💼 No Customer Support

If the store doesn't provide a basic Chat Support or the official email support takes too long to respond, well, then it's time to say 'Bye-Bye'. Stores with basic customer helpline respond within 14hrs. with a solution to the customer.

📃 The About Section

Typically, scammers don't pay attention to their "Policies & About Us" section assuming customers never read them. If there is No 'About Us' page or the page mentions nothing about the origin or parent company of the store. Then, that's your cue right there.

 Sus or No Instagram Page

The main traffic of niche stores are directed from Instagram promotions, done by famous Genshin meme pages. If the promoted store doesn't have an active Insta page (i.e. no new posts for 10 days or more, or unrelated posts) or if they don't even have a page. This simply means, the store is possibly a scam, as maintaining an Instagram page with a dedicated chat support takes effort and scammers aren't well known for that.


"Keep your data and your hard earned money safe"

'Travelers Against Scammers'

- An initiative by Team Teyvat Factory
Thank You for reading!

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